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This site is for the song writer, solo musician and for bands that are in need of musicians so that the demo or the new CD can be recorded using a professional musician so that you may finish and release on schedule. Here you will find the musician or musicians that you need, no matter where you live or where you are recording your songs. A major studio in LA, Nashville, New York or your home studio. You can have a professional musician or you can put together a dream team band to record one or more of your songs.

Yes most studios have their list of session musicians that they can provide for you however here you will find some of the musicians that have recorded with major recording artists, some are professional session musicians and some are the very same artists that you saw in concert. Here is where you can have a musician that has recorded hit songs recording the songs that you wrote without the expense of flying them in for the recording sessions. Select what instrument that the musician plays, the genre and search. You will find that many of the musicians will play most of the genres on the list, some also play more than one instrument too.

How it Works

The first thing that you will need to do is select the Session player you want. Once you have session player lined up they will need an MP3 of your song. Please be as detailed as possible. If you have a synth line as an example of what you want, please send an mp3 with that synth line and an mp3 without that synth line if you have other instruments. If you have a particular style or tone you like, please send me a link to audio with examples of those tones.

In the next 2 to 5 days depending on your project requirements and how many session players you require , You will be sent an .MP3 with the session player(s) playing underneath your track (The newly recorded music will be boosted louder so you can hear it. I would not recommend mixing at this level). If you like it, you will then pay the agreed on price through the method that the session player requests, and the final track will be sent to you with the (Default: 24 bit, 44.1KHz sample rate) .WAV files so you can use the recording in your song. If the recording is short enough, you will receive email the .WAV file. If you have a preference (like an FTP server, Cloud Storage..etc), just let us know and we can usually comply with whatever transfer medium you prefer. If you do not like the recorded part, we can shake hands (virtually) and move on ), or we can try another idea out if you would like. What usually happens is the client likes what was recorded but wants to make a few changes before buying. No problem. We will make the changes and resend you another MP3. In our experience, the process usually takes 1-3 MP3s before a sale. Each session player may allow more times or less depending on the project.

How can I make this process smooth and speedy?

1.Be specific as possible.
2.Give us the BPM of the track if you are on a click.
3.The Default bit rate is 24, and the sample rate is 44.1KHz. Make sure you confirm what bit rate and sample rate you want.
4.If you have a song with chord changes, tell us the chords.

Step 4 saves us the time of learning your song by ear and getting to the meat of it, which is writing and performing the music. The easiest format is something like Verse : Amaj/Cmin7/D7 Chorus : Amaj/F#min Bridge :Bmin/Bb/C . That extra 2 minutes you take to do that will speed things up a lot. If we are required to learn your song by ear there may be an additional fee that must be paid prior to receiving any files. Each musician fee will vary.

I need it NOW! I can't wait more than 2 days!

When you are in a pinch, please email me. Schedule permitting, we will bump you to the top of the list, however it may raise the price depending on the player. For an extra fee, you will get an mp3 within 1 to 2 days and as long as you are communicating well, the final .Wav can be there within 12-24 hours after you have agreed with the session player and pay for the services.

Ok, you received the .WAV that was sent to you, do you just drop it into your session?

We dropped your MP3 into ours to make the part. If there is no recording for a few bars, that space will be there. You should have no work to do besides drag and drop, and then start mixing.

Will the session player want to be credited and take points for their work?

This will be defined by the session player that you are working with. Some will request that they are credited and others may not, again this will we be between you and the session player you are working with.

Are there package deals or discounts?

This is also determined between you and the session player you are working with, please be sure to give full details of your project and ask if there a package deal is available.

Are clients ever turned down?

Yes they are! If the session player feels they are not the right player for the song(s) or have a backlog of work they are already working on they will possibly suggest another musician or ask you to look at the lists of players again and see if you can match your needs.

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